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SmartFit® SystemSimplifies ideal ergonomic height positioning using scientifically proven research to support proper fit and individualized comfort. Height AdjustableAllows users to lift the laptop as high as 180mm (7.1in) for optimal eye alignment Foldable Dual Kickstand StructureProvides additional viewing and height flexibility options within a space-saving desktop footprint. Stability-Focused DesignUses textured padded inserts and a wide bottom ledge with front lip to ensure a secure fit for your laptop, plus anti-slip silicone foot pads to keep your device in place while you work. Pro Air CirculationDissipates heat buildup to extend the longevity of your device’s battery and internal components. Smart PortabilityProvides a space-saving footprint that can fit a variety of desktop spaces, a flat and slim folding structure for traveling, a built-in handle for easy carrying and durable hard-edges for extra protection. Combine the ergonomic benefits of raising your scre

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